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What is this blog about?

Posted on:June 1, 2021 at 06:30 PM

To blog - To share, To connect, To create, To inspire

To be honest, i wanted to start my blog in an incredibly attractive way, and so i searched a quote. And… here we are. A quote i found on google, that makes it seem like my blog has a lot of purpose behind it. But, how exactly do you make an introduction attractive enough for you to gain enough ad revenue is all i am thinking right now. Enough though is very subjective, for nothing can be enough.

In any case, over time i will try to sell my blog better, but for now this is all i have -

This is a place for anyone willing to learn and grow with me.

Topics I hope to write on

This blog is going to be about a lot of things over time.

These are probably the main few topics i will deal with. I know this is quite a lot. If you want to subscribe to a subset of these, that is possible too, by using RSS Feeds. You can easily add rss feeds to your outlook account, feedly, or even feeder app.

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